On The Road Again! Daintree to Thallon

We arrived in Thallon at lunchtime on Wednesday – four days after leaving home. The weather was pleasant, we had a quiet camp and I finally began to feel the rhythm of travelling on the road again. Our first couple of days had been long and the conditions were hot, windy and often dusty. We found a good camp in Injune at the racecourse which gave us some recovery time for an afternoon and from there it was an easy drive to Thallon.

Thallon is a very small town about 70 km south of St George, only about 40 km from Mungindi on the Qld-NSW border. The town does not appear prosperous, and the ongoing drought would most certainly be exacerbating their problems. The levee bank surrounding the township is a reminder that heavy rain can occur here although it is hard to imagine in the current dry and dusty landscape.

Luckily there is a supply of bore water available so there are some areas of green. And the green grass has not escaped the notice of local macropods who keep it well mowed! The other native animal featuring in the playground is William the Hairy-nosed wombat who was installed in 2017 as a town attraction. Although he is hugely over-sized at 2 x 3.5 m he is a rather appealing wombat with some lovely footholds (not pictured as they are on the other side) so that children can climb him.

William’s ‘best side’ from a photographic point of view.

Thallon is also well known for it’s spectacular painted silos near which we were camped. In the early morning light their colours simply glowed and I thoroughly enjoyed walking around viewing them from slightly different angles.

After a good night’s sleep in Thallon we headed down the road to Narrabri. Crossing the border at Mungindi we were suddenly in the daylight saving zone which caused considerable discussion regarding a suitable time for morning coffee!

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