Great Ocean Road

Our big day out yesterday took us from Aireys Inlet to an area west of Lorne, an area apparently frequented by some of the birds we are hoping to see. The temperate rainforest was cool and damp with majestic trees towering above us while birds flitted about in the understorey. Some loud guttural grunts reminded us that we were in Koala country but it wasn’t until later in the day near Cape Otway that we had several good views of these Australian icons.

Looking towards Cape Otway from Cape Patten, a viewpoint along the Great Ocean Road.
Wonderful to walk through these majestic trees in peace and quiet – one of the benefits of an early start to the day.
Prostanthera incisa
A lovely natural landscape, just delightful to meander along the path adjacent to this creek.
Magpie on grassed area of the picnic ground; a carpet of Grass Daisy (Brachyscome graminea)
Allen having a discussion with a King Parrot regarding the nutritional properties of Shirley’s home-made lemon slice.

We were not successful in our search for Olive Whistler, Rose Robin or Crescent Honeyeater but we had a good walk about enjoying the scenery before continuing on our way to Bimbi park near Cape Otway. Allen’s nephew runs his Otway E bike business at Bimbi park. We politely declined his offer of a bike ride so he kindly took us on an interesting and informative walk before he was called back to duty. The history of koalas and tourism in The Otways is yet another example of human interference causing more problems in the natural world but I still enjoyed seeing them.

I think this koala felt a bit exposed with the camera lens pointing at her so she nimbly climbed up the nearest branch giving us a wonderful look at her fearsome claws.
This was a better position to peer down at the photographer.

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