Wild Seas of Bass Strait

I was mesmerized watching wave after wave roll in and crash on the rocks below us as we huddled in our warmest clothes. Wearing warm beanies and jackets to prevent the icy wind from penetrating our woollen thermal pullovers, we admired the view then gratefully resumed our seats in the car. Such a fabulous sight and so very different from the tropical seas near home.

Late afternoon light on an icy blue sea.

Our last day started off wet but the skies had cleared by mid morning so we set off walking along Woolamai beach, then along the cliff track to The Pinnacles. Cape Woolamai is a huge granite rock outcrop and is the most easterly point of Phillip Island.

Wind was catching the foam in the waves and blowing it onto the sand
Looking back towards Woolamai Beach
Perched on the edge of the cliff for some tasty green nibbles. The washed out background is the sea – there was a sheer drop behind this gorgeous Swampy Wallaby.
It’s a long way down and there have been casualties.

Ancient pink granite of the Pinnacles is one of the oldest rocks on Phillip Island.

Close view of the weathered pink granite.

We shared a lot of our time on Phillip Island with some very dear, long-time friends of mine. Their garden, while small, has some delightful features and backs onto a large reserve. I particularly enjoyed the look of the rock and timber ‘fence’ as well as the stories of how some of the larger pieces were placed.

Their grandson loves climbing through the ‘window’.

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