Marlo to Mallacoota

With such a short journey from one camp to the next we had a relaxed departure. Not far along the road we pulled into McKenzie River Rainforest Walk where a short track looped around over the creek, crossing it in two places via swing bridges – both constructions appeared to have been done some time ago. The dominant species were River Peppermints (Eucalyptus elata) with Messmate (Eucalyptus obliqua) providing quite a contrast between the smooth upper trunks of the River Peppermints and the stringybark of the Messmates. I have never seen Messmates so tall and straight, which shows the influence of habitat upon plant species or perhaps they were just encouraged to grow upright by their cousins!

A canopy of River Peppermints – Eucalyptus elata
From the sparse shade of the grand River Peppermints the path gently wound it’s way down towards a creek shaded by Kanuka (Tristanopsis laurina). I was very confused by the spelling of this common name on the information sign as this species is usually known as Kanooka or Water Gum

Perfect habitat for Rose Robin we thought while looking carefully about and being teased, yet again by a Grey Fantail. Then we had one of those lucky birding moments that are so encouraging. A young Rose Robin, unaccompanied by a parent, allowed Allen to take a photo. During this extreme dry season it was encouraging to find a fully fledged youngster.

Juvenile Rose Robin
Looking down at the cool, shaded creek from one of the bridges, quite a different atmosphere to the dry forest and light shade in the picnic area up the slope.

It is delightful to have the luxury of taking our time, being able to enjoy the drive and not be totally focused on the destination. Some planning usually helps as making quick decisions when towing a caravan can be a challenge.

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