We camped with a view over Wallaga Lake in a lovely quiet site but close enough to visit picturesque Bermagui. Our first day in the area was spent in smoke haze which wasn’t very pleasant but the following morning was fine and sunny. As I had an appointment for a hair cut we decided to visit ‘The Cream Patisserie’ and sample one of their mouth-watering treats. We shared a Cherry Danish with coffee and it was deeeelicious – very fresh, nice balance of ingredients without being sickly sweet.

Picturesque Bermagui Beach
Wallaga Lake – mostly freshwater but it is opened to the sea occasionally

On the NSW Environment web page Wallaga Lake is described as “a wave dominated barrier estuary with an intermittently closed entrance”. Like other similar lakes an opening to the sea has occasionally been made mechanically but not always with success. There needs to be sufficient rainfall to prevent the opening in the sand bar from closing again.

This was one of several Sheoaks that had been blown over in the wind. Obviously very shallow rooted, it had been growing close to the edge of the water.

In the afternoon we took a track along the shore of Wallaga Lake. After a glorious fine start to the day clouds had built up and we were having an occasional light shower but it seemed a good chance for a walk. There is a thick layer of shell along the shore as well as along parts of the walking track and a slightly fishy aroma possibly coming from drying weed. Allen took a diversion into the bush to show me the orchid flower he had found the previous day, quite an interesting ground orchid which is parasitic and has no leaves.

Dipodium pictum with just the one flower spike – a splash of pink in the bush.
Time to head back to camp!

The next morning was chilly with clear air and the promise of a gorgeous sunny day so we left early for Wadbilliga National Park. It was a pleasant drive through pastoral country, the little town of Cobargo and onwards to the park. Soon after entering Wadbilliga a glimpse of Glossy Black Cockatoos, flying out of trees next to the road and landing just a little way ahead of us, ramped up our excitement levels. With the vehicle stopped in the middle of the road it was lucky there was no traffic!

Male Glossy Black Cockatoo
Female Glossy Black Cockatoo showing a yellow face marking.

We moved out of our vehicle quietly then slowly walked up the road until we could see this group of three, possibly a family group.

Male Glossy Black Cockatoo

Once we were in the National Park we didn’t see another vehicle so we had a very relaxing time poking around stopping when we felt like it. Although this was our only sighting of Glossy Black Cockatoos we had a good birding day and saw numerous Lace Monitors as well as a little Dragon Lizard. Several sightings of Azure and Sacred Kingfisher, Grey Butcherbird, Yellow-tufted Honeyeater, White-naped Honeyeater, Yellow-faced Honeyeater, Dusky Woodswallow, King Parrot, Crimson Rosella and Superb Fairywren was uplifting as bird activity along the coast has been fairly quiet.

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