Making new friends through the birder network has been a hugely enjoyable offshoot to our birding hobby/passion. Allen is largely responsible for initiating excursions where we have been lucky enough to have a guide to show us special birds and places only accessible to those with permission. Our recent holiday with family in S.E. Qld still allowed for a little bird time.

After a most enjoyable couple of days of family festivities we made a 5.20 am departure to meet several other keen birders in Samsonvale north of Brisbane. They were able to show us a very special, rarely seen bird along with a few others of interest and Allen was able to find a decent angle for some photos.

Australian Painted Snipe – keeping so still they blended into their surroundings.
Australian Painted Snipe
Marsh Sandpiper feeding with Sharp-tailed Sandpipers

We also watched a Wood Sandpiper bobbing its tail as it fed along the edge of the lake. It was quite a distance away and the photo is not good enough to post here.

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